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Covatto Family Dentistry has been serving as an award winning dental office to Beaver County and surrounding areas since 1992. Dr. Covatto's kind heart, exemplary skills, and strong work ethic have allowed the practice to flourish. As our team and patient numbers grow, we want you to know that we are, and will always be committed to providing a thorough, caring, and successful, dental experience. Each team member has a passion for the field and is devoted to helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. As soon as you walk through the door, you will notice that patient comfort and satisfaction are prioritized. Our Doctors, and staff will always take the time to fully understand the unique dental needs and goals of each patient. We listen to all of our patient's concerns, answer all of their questions and will go above and beyond to make sure our patients obtain the best possible care without sacrificing  convenience and affordability. 


In addition to earning college degrees and certifications, each provider is required by the State Board of Dentistry to complete hours of continuing education courses. Exceeding the minimum requirements, we attend OSHA, HIPPA, and doctor lead courses, along with seminars, conferences, and hands on training. Covatto Family Dentistry is continuously challenging ourselves and striving to provide excellent care while mastering the art of dentistry.


A strong commitment to our patients is at the forefront of how we practice dentistry each and every day. We work tirelessly to provide compassionate, comprehensive dental care in and out of the office. The team travels to local schools, to perform cleanings, exams, and fun, interactive education to students. We also provide free dental care to local veterans once a year on Freedom Day. We participate with the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, donate dental supplies, do exciting give-aways and more. Our team is  commited to making a positive impact on our community one smile at a time.


Our philosophy is that we treat people, not just teeth. We are committed to astounding results, and patient satisfaction regardless of age, race, gender, or financial situation. Your smile is our passion in and out of the office.


Dental treatment, patient needs, and ever changing protocols, can be complex. Some skills can only be mastered through years of dedicated practice and navigating many types of challenges. Dr. Richard Covatto has been practicing Dentistry for thirty three years and has had the pleasure bringing on his son, Dr. James H. Covatto. We are blessed to combine wisdom, knowledge, and experience with youthful determination and fresh education to better serve our patients.

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We invite you to learn a little about our team, their qualifications , skills, and personality. It is our hope that you enjoy getting to know us just as much as we enjoy getting to know you! Our team loves what we do and are passionate about our patients! The office is often filled with laughter as much as It is those beloved dental sounds! A trip to the dentist is likely not your favorite thing to do, but we hope coming to our office feels more like a visit with your friends and family. Get to know us!



Center Township, PA Dentist, Dr. Richard Covatto was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dr. Covatto attended the University of Pittsburgh. He then went on to study Dentistry at Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating, Dr. Richard Covatto completed a General Practice Residency Program at Bryn Mawr Hospital and soon began working in the Philadelphia area. His first years in dentistry involved working with a successful and fast paced group practice excelling in general dentistry. Dr. Covatto met his future wife Roseann in his studies at the University of Pittsburgh and they are now celebrating nearly 32 years of marriage! Dr. Covatto moved back to Pittsburgh in 1992 and opened his current practice, Covatto Family Dentistry. He is passionate about keeping up with latest developments in dental practices and technology. His continuing education has included credits in soft tissue laser therapy, dental implant placement, restoration and more. Dr. Covatto also participates regularly in several study clubs that deal with a comprehensive team approach to patient care. Outside of the office he enjoys bowling, and spending time with his family.




Dr. James H. Covatto Joined the practice In 2022 after graduating from Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University and completing a General Practice Residency at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Dr. Covatto loves helping patients get out of pain, and particularly enjoys oral surgery and endodontics. He is a phenomenal and compassionate doctor interested in continuing his education to become an endodontist! He works with skill and care to provide patients with precision dentistry and focuses on improving their dental health. Dr. Covatto has a witty sense of humor and states that his favorite part about working with Covatto Family Denistry is that the boss treats him like a son. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with his fiancè, Dr. Halle Grove D.M.D, who hopes to join us in the near future. Tennis and golf are some of Dr. Covatto's Favorite sports!




Tiffany is our extraordinary practice manager and her roles are ubiquitous throughout the office. She brings our office together and works extremely hard to manage operations, while still maintaining a personal relationship with our beloved patients. Tiffany is a licensed dental assistant and maintains her CPR/BLS certifications. She works with the doctors, providers, and all staff to make sure we are operating efficiently and according to our mission statement as an award winning dental office. Her knowledge is not limited to any one aspect of dentistry, she has a background working clinically, and on the administrative front. She is able to step in any role needed at the office from answering phones to, managing accounts, assisting the doctors, and is always committed to improving our practice. Tiffany is level headed and effortlessly offers effective solutions to navigate the many challenges we face individually and as a collective. She is a moral builder, eloquent speaker, and excellent leader. Outside of work, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her loving family, helping with her Church, and cheering on her kids as they are active in competitive sports! She is our most patriotic team member!




Our fiery expanded functions dental assistant Dana is Dr. Covatto's right hand woman! She arrives early, leaves late, and works so hard to keep our practice operating at the best of its ability. Dana graduated from Median School of Allied Health Careers in 1999 with her certificate in Dental Assisting with Expanded functions. She maintains her CPR certification, is an expert with our state of the art Cerec Technology, and has additional training to help screen and treat sleep apnea patients. She has been with Covatto Family Dentistry for 7 years and values providing our patients with excellent, supporting care during their visit. She hopes to educate our patients so that they may maintain great dental habits. Dana is feisty and has a strong work ethic, comforting bedside manner, and a compassionate soul. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband Jason and taking care of her many beloved pets. Boating, crafts, and charity work  are some of her favorite hobbies and she loves anything to do with Phantom of the Opera, Jason Momoa, Baby Yoda, any kind of cheese, or Chai!



Christine is our incredible financial coordinator, and enjoys assisting patients through the process of paying for the treatment they need. She is educated and knowledgeable with the ever evolving and sometimes complicated world of insurance companies, care credit, and payment plans. In addition to helping patients to navigate the financial aspect of dentistry, Christine is experienced as a former chairside dental assistant and fully understands the clinical procedures and what they entail. She graduated with her Associates Degree from Jefferson Community College Allied Health in 1998, and maintains her CDA and CPR/BLS certifications. This also allows her to advise patients when they call in with dental questions or to discuss symptoms they may be having. She is compassionate, kindhearted, and understanding which allows her to guide patients through any kind of  insurance issue or financial hurdle. She truly is able to offer assistance from the first phone consulation to checkout.

Her bubbly personality and signature laugh could brighten anyones day. Outside the office, Christine enjoys spending time with her large family, boating, camping, traveling participating in charities and coordinating  fundraisers. She is passionate about life and bringing so much fun, joy and happiness to others!

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